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Project Development

Project Development

development, planning, organization, coordination and controlling of real estate projects from property acquisition to utilization
Investment and Portfolio Management

Investment &
Portfolio Management

development, evaluation, administration and optimization of real estate portfolios according to the agreed investment criteria in all asset classes
Facility Management

Facility Management

administration and management of real estate and its technical equipment and facilities throughout the entire life cycle
Asset Management

Asset Management

owner representation, definition of an strategy with constant monitoring of implementation and optimization of the object performance


Peter Rechberger
Peter Rechberger, born 1983, is Head of Real Estate Management. He has been working for BR IRES since 2018. Before that, he worked internationally for the development and management of independent departments as well as a project manager for large construction projects (including Red Bull, Siemens, Böhringer).
Marcus Maleczek
Marcus Maleczek, born 1974, has been working for BR IRES on a consultative basis since 2019. Before that, he was responsible for the legal and economic agendas of large-scale project developments in Europe and the United States.

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